Who is SHE?







Angeliki Kim Jonsson is the founder of DYNAMISK Curating and Art advisory. Angeliki work as an independent Curator, Art Advisor and Writer. She runs an "In Conversation with.." series: an ever growing series of vibrant and unique conversations with pioneering individuals from the Art world. Working on projects including; exhibition making, art and artists talks, art advisory and curating. Angeliki is currently co-writing her first book. 

She always had a great passion for the arts and curating.

To make things connect, to create meaning, plots and stories, between art and space. It is in the love towards the arts that the work of curating takes place. And it is, in the elements of curating what really brought her to found DYNAMISK.

Translated into Swedish, from the English adjective Dynamic: dʌɪˈnamɪk/ “characterized by constant change, activity or progress. Positive in attitude and full of energy and new ideas: as a force that simulates change or progress.”

DYNAMISK is an  independent consultancy that offers curating & art advisory services.

DYNAMISK "In Conversation with.." is a conversation series. 

@DYNAMISK seeks to bring curating into the visual world of the digital era.